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The Mission of Operation Community Stimulus is to be a platform to bring together BUSINESSES-NON PROFITS-COMMUNITY LEADERS-CITIZENS to collaborate in the community. This is an opportunity to support various programs within our community from arts to various community causes. Art is the main emphasis for the program. Working closely with other non-profits we will collaborate  in various ways to meet their needs. Donations are always welcome. Please visit our online location for the most updated list of donations which are available to our supporters. The art work are gifts for those who chose to support a designated program. The art gifts are done by students.  It is our belief that the kids arts need to be appreciated. The tables you see here are done by students from Irvine.

Some strong FACTS about art.   Students involved in Arts have: 25%higher creativity-14% Higher fluency-16% higher originality-Their elaboration is 30% higher-Their resistance to closure is 19% higher (closure=giving up or quitting)-Their expression is 28% hgher-Their risk taking is 26% higher-Their imagination is 27% higher. The average higher thinking capacity of a student involved in the arts is 23.125%.  The Department of Education's NELS:88 database demonstrates that students with high levels of arts participation outperform the other students by virtually every measure. (Benefits of art as concluded by the: Champions of Change, The impact of the arts on learning Edited by "Edward B. Fiske-Funded by: The GE Fund & The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.)

Operation Community Stimulus can be heard weekly Wednesdays  on KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine CA.  It is also streamed online through www.kuci.org.

For information on how you or your business can help with this mission, please email operationcommunitystimulus@yahoo.com or call 949-307-2079.

This grassroots organization, Operation Community Stimulus, is a project of Catalyst Network of Communities,  a 501 c 3 nonprofit www.gocatalyst.org.
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